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KeeperRL is an ambitious dungeon builder with roguelike elements. Take the role of an evil wizard and seek the ultimate knowledge of destruction. Explore the world, murder innocent villagers and burn their homes. Build your dungeon, lay traps and prepare for an assault of angry heroes.

When you control your minions the game becomes a classic roguelike, with turn-based and very tactical combat. You can also play as an adventurer and assault dungeons made by you or other players.

Dungeon management

You will dig deep into the mountain and build dozens of rooms, corridors and traps. Your minions will train and produce weapons and armor. Prisoners will be tortured. You will research new technologies like alchemy, beast mutation and sorcery.

Roguelike mechanics

The world is simulated on a very detailed level. Creatures use equipment and consumable items. There are dozens of special items, spells, attributes and special attacks. You can cut off heads and limbs and blind or poison your enemies. If you're not careful with fire, you can burn an entire forest or even your own dungeon.

Online dungeon sharing

Retire your dungeon and let other players explore it as adventurers, witnessing the destruction you've done and fighting with the forces that you've left behind.

The free version is the same as the full version, except it's ASCII-only. See screenshot.

This is an alpha release of the game. If you decide to purchase, you will have access to all future versions, including the final release. But the game is not completed yet, and some features might not be working. Please keep it in mind when purchasing.

Visit: http://keeperrl.com.


Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$15.00 $9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.00 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Download demo

keeperRL_alpha23_free.zip (32 MB)

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The developer is active and devouted to the title, which earned him a loyal fellowship. While the game isn't finished yet, there is already lots of fun to be had.  It's fun to develop dungeons and try to succeed in those of your fellow players. Go and try it yourself, enjoy!